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In-Mat Technologies is a material technology company based in Singapore, who specializes in the manufacturing of Epoxy Adhesives and Materials for Electronic Industries. We started off with Liquid Encapsulant Epoxies and expanded our product lines to include Die-Attach, Fiber-Optics, SMT, B-Stage, Structural and Coating Epoxies. In addition to our standard product lines, we have capabilities to develop material to meet customer's specific requirement and application.

We are committed to develop, manufacture and market quality epoxy products. In-Mat Technologies is ISO9001:2000 certified as well as ISO14001 compliance. Our strength stems from the following attributes;
     a.. 100% RoHS compliant products
     b.. Competitive pricing
     c.. Short delivery leadtime
     d.. Excellent sales & applications support
As a progressive company, In-Mat Technologies shall strive to assure product quality and reliability through continuous improvement in material management, product development, application support, and quality manufacturing.
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      ISO 14001:2000 Compliance                   ISO 9001:2000 Certified