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Specifications of IMT-QE-SF01
Dimension: 50 x 33 x 41 CM
Weight (Exclude 32oz Cartridge): 11.70 KG
Air Pressure (Max.): 120 PSI

IMT-QE-SF01 is a manual, single syringe filling equipment designed to fill medium to high viscosity and thixotropic epoxy paste into luer-lock syringes. This equipment provides air free filled syringe with fast set-up and minimum maintenance.

The operating steps are as follows;
1.Fill epoxy paste into 32oz cartridge that stand at a fixed angle.
2.Insert 32oz cartridge into metal cylinder in horizontal position.
3.Hand tighten end cylinder by rotating in clockwise direction.
4.Hand tighten L-Shape adapter onto tip of 32oz cartridge.
5.Attach syringe onto L-Shape adapter (via luer to luer fitting).
6.Depress foot pedal to syringe fill from bottom up (typical air pressure @60 to 70psi).

IMT-QE-SF01 could easily fill a viscous epoxy paste of 80,000cPs into one 30cc syringe in less than 30seconds. In other words, syringe filling speed is approximately 25mins for 30 x 30cc syringe (one 32oz cartridge content).

This equipment is capable of filling various luer-lock syringes in different sizes (3cc, 5cc, 10cc, 30cc, 55cc, etc.,).

We are able to customize our equipment to fit other syringe tip configurations. Contact us for more details at sales@inmat-tech.com

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